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Each Niika shaft is customized to meet the exact needs of your processing requirements, and quality manufactured for long life, reduced maintenance and increased productivity. An aggressive quality assurance program ensures that close tolerances are held and that all specifications are met or exceeded. Niika’s commitment to excellence is backed by our one-year guarantee in both material and workmanship.
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Lug Type Air Shaft
Lug type airshafts are strong and versatile, delivering superior performance in the widest range of converting unwind and rewind applications. Also, eliminate core damage, prevent roll slippage during fast startups and shutdowns, and minimize vibration at high web speeds.
Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications with 1” (25mm) to 12"(300mm) ID cores, the Air Lug shaft is often used in center unwind and rewind applications with either paper or steel cores.
Leaf Type Air Shaft
Designed for a wide range of converting applications, this shafts are the best choice when using thin cores in your web process. If you want to minimize the deformation of core with air pressure, you are recommended to use Niika leaf type shaft.
With full-length external leaves, these shafts are particularly suited for delicate materials. Leaf Shafts are built tough, with bodies constructed of steel or aluminum, and internal tubes made of durable, hardwearing rubber.
This type of shaft should not be considered for use as a "differential type shaft" on slitters.
Multi Bladder Airshaft
Multiple external expansion elements to grip the inside diameter of any core material.
Gripping elements are activated by simultaneously inflating bladders with a single air valve.
While bladders rarely fail, the processes to replace external bladders are simple and quick.
Hard rubber elements are standard; aluminum is available to suit various applications.
Light weight of shaft easy to lift by operator


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