DBR 250

Fan Cooled Brake

The primary function of brakes is the conversion of mechanical energy into heat, which is then dissipated into the atmosphere.
The amount of heat which can be dissipated by air cooled Disc Brakes are dependent on a high rotational speed, large disc diameter, and large radiant surface.With the addition of an electric fan fitted to the centre of the housing, the best possible thermal power dissipation was achieved without high dependency on speed, and avoiding the need to increase the disc diameter in continuous slipping applications Suitable for high heat dissipation.

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  • Dimensionally smaller units, giving a more compact machine design
  • Reduction in price due to smaller design
  • Lower top speeds minimize the wear of the linings
  • Constant controllable torque from a stable friction lining material
  • Suitable for all types of applications
  • Suitable for high heat dissipation
  • Rated torque may vary depending on temperature and speed.
  • Rated torques at 0.2 bar refers to one braking unit only.
  • The thermal capacity depends on the brake working conditions. Please contact our Technical Office.
  • Using the brake to its thermal capacity limit can cause accelerated wear of the braking pads.
  • The thermal capacity, without fan, is depending on the effective cooling speed nQ. Please contact our Technical Office.


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