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Company Profile

Establishing Industry Footprints: A Journey Since 1989

In the northern lands of Taiwan, a pioneering force was birthed in 1989, known as Niika Corp. Primarily a manufacturer, Niika has expanded its horizons to become a one-stop solution provider for a multitude of machinery products, specializing in pneumatic-electro integrated systems for conveyor and braking operations.

Building Global Alliances: Partnerships Rooted in Trust and Innovation

Over the years, Niika Corp has formed pivotal connections with notable machine manufacturers and end-users across the globe. These affiliations are not just business contracts; they are relationships steeped in mutual trust, respect, and a shared passion for quality, knowledge, and technological novelty.

Prioritizing Quality and Precision: The Cornerstones of Our Service

At Niika Corp, we ensure that every customer request is attended to with a precise blend of quality, reliability, and our extensive technical expertise. Our proficiency lies in the design, creation, and support of mechanical and pneumatic expanding devices essential for the winding and unwinding of reel materials.

Worldwide Sales and Service: Customer Service Excellence

Our global sales and support outlets are testament to Niika Corp's dedication to exemplary customer service. Our employees take great satisfaction in promptly addressing customers' needs with courteous attention. We maintain an abundant stock of most replacement parts, ensuring prompt shipping times. To cater to our international clientele, we leverage our worldwide warehouse, agent, or distributor network, reducing assembly and shipping times.

Product Specializations: Tailored Solutions for Transmission and Brake Systems

Our product suite is concentrated on industrial brakes and Industrial clutches, such as pneumatic brakes (air brakes), electromagnetic brakes and clutches, safety chucks, core chucks, air shafts, powder brakes and related accessories essential for transmission and brake systems.

Versatile Industry Applications: Serving a Broad Spectrum of Industries

Niika Corp's products and solutions are not limited to a single industry but find extensive applications across a diverse range of sectors. Our industrial applications span from packaging machinery, printing machinery, corrugated machinery, wire and cable equipment, textile machinery, rubber machinery, tire machinery, production lines, papermaking machinery, construction machinery, food machinery, plywood machinery, to various machinery designs. Further expanding our reach, we also cater to industries involved in iron and steel roll, CNC, blown film extrusion, wood processing, screw making, and die cutting.

Mission and Core Values: Shaping the Future of Machinery Solutions

Our mission at Niika Corp is to design user-friendly, easily installed, custom-made products while providing comprehensive solutions for rewind and unwind devices. Our core values - integrity, commitment, innovation, and earning customer trust - guide us on our path to maintaining our status as a renowned global manufacturer and supplier in the machinery industry.