Pneumatic Brake (Air Brake)

The pneumatic brake system, a key industrial brake mechanism, uses compressed air for control, making it a reliable and efficient solution. Widely utilized in industries like printing, textiles, paper-making, and tires, it boasts quick response times, long lifespan, and low maintenance costs. Its infrequent part replacement need further underscores its stability and safety. The pneumatic brake's broad applicability makes it a vital device in the industrial brake market and various mechanical equipment configurations.

Shaft Mounted Brake
Disc Brake
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Air Hydraulic Booster
DBF - Pneumatic Disc Brake
1. Variety of Torque Control Ranges : With a variety of torque control ranges, the DBF ser ...
DBG - Caliper Disc Brake(Air-operated, Manual)
1. Adjustable braking force : The braking force can be adjusted by adjusting the air press ...
DBH - Caliper Disc Brake(Air-operated)
(Available in two types: left side type and right side type)
1. Enhanced Torque : Ideal for ...
DBZ - Mini Caliper Disc Brake(Air-operated, Manual)
Flexible Installation: Compact design allows for flexible installation and minimal space r ...
NAB-S Series
1. Easy Installation : Shaft-mounted design allows hassle-free setup without air inlet po ...
NAB-T Series
Easy Installation: Shaft-mounted design allows hassle-free setup without air inlet positio ...