Air Shaft series

Structure of airshaft and how to use it
Airshaft consists of basic combination of body and journal, and materials have to be chosen according to working specifications. Plates are inserted in a line in body and value of plate has to be equal to inner diameter of pipe. Lug is assembled in one-unified part with plate. Lug is operated by air-in and air-out and clamped on core inner side according to contraction and inflation of rubber tube. Clamping power is being proportioned to air pressure. Air-in and air-out are instantaneously done and lugs enter into shaft completely when air-out, then core can be exchanged very easily.

Each Niika shaft is customized to meet the exact needs of your processing requirements, and quality manufactured for long life, reduced maintenance and increased productivity. An aggressive quality assurance program ensures that close tolerances are held and that all specifications are met or exceeded. Niika’s commitment to excellence is backed by our one-year guarantee in both material and workmanship. The price of airshaft is depending on body length, please provide your drawing or fill the information on page 25 for quotation. Your own drawing is most welcome.

Air shaft for customized sheet
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