Pneumatic Brake
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The DBF is a type of small brake which bottom is stationary, adapts differently way of installation, Also can use in the brake of beeline movement.
Big friction area can extend the cycle of maintenance and long life.
If it installs certain brakes on one disc, torque also enlarge along with it certain time.

The DBF series disk brake is suitable for all thickness of the disc by changing the special spacer.
Size DBF 10
Maximum air pressure 7 kg/cm²
Braking force 5 kg/cm²μ=0.33 64 kgf
Areas of cylinders 19.63 cm²
Disc O. D. mm 220↑
Disc thickness 10 mm
Unit Weight 2 kg
Torque versus Pressure
Standard DBF for disc thickness 10 mm but can modify to suit disc thickness up to 15MM.

Approximate Dimension
NIIKA Limited reserves the right to modify or change the design without prior notice.