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DISC BRAKES CALIPER air applied spring released

The type brake is for horizontal-type installation, it can provides approximately 2 times of braking powder than vertical installation.

Add the expandable shrapnel to guarantee the brake balance, The friction part is easy to replace, and it does not contain any asbestos, To control the deceleration of moving parts for small and medium powers, the best solution is the combination of a brake disc with one or more pneumatic calipers.

Torque Formula : Braking Torque (kgm) =Braking Force
(kg) x Effective Disc Radius (Actual)(mm)
DBF PDF Download (243 KB)
Size DBH 204 DBH205
Maximum under overload 7 kg/cm2 7 kg/cm2
Compression ratio 1.83 1.83
Disc thickness 20 mm 20 mm
Disc O. D. mm 200↑ 200↑
Unit Weight 9 kg 9.5 kg

Every horizontal caliper separate into the left and right type. Please indicate left or right side type when order.
Size X Y φZ
DBH 204 135 267.5 142
DBH 205 155 285 177
Warning : The initial torque on new units can be 30% to 50% less then the catalogue value until the friction facing and friction disc are lapped or worn in.
NIIKA Limited reserves the right to modify or change the design without prior notice.
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